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Learn About the Bets, Insurance, and Doubling Down in Blackjack

Thursday, September 29th, 2022


If you want to become a successful blackjack player, it is essential to learn some basic blackjack strategy. Learn about the Bets, Insurance, and Doubling down. It will also help you win more often and reduce your losses. If you are unfamiliar with basic blackjack strategy, you can read Big Book of Blackjack, written by Arnold Snyder.

Basic strategy

Learning basic blackjack strategy is an essential part of playing this popular casino game. It can help you to reduce your expected losses and reduce the house edge. However, the house edge is always there, and it is never zero. Moreover, the basic strategy is not affected by the previous cards that a player has held, or by the cards of the other players.


In blackjack, bettors can place side bets before or after placing their main wager. These bets are based on chance and have no relation to the player’s blackjack skills. A good card counter will know how to select the best side bets in order to maximize their winnings.


Blackjack insurance is a side bet that gives you the chance to win when the dealer has a natural blackjack. There is a risk associated with this type of wager, however, since you can lose both your initial stake and your insurance bet. However, you may find that it is well worth the risk in some situations.

Doubling down

Doubling down is a strategy that is used to increase your chances of winning at blackjack. This strategy can be very advantageous for you, but there are disadvantages, too. If you double down when you have two cards of the same value, you increase your chances of hitting 21. It is best to avoid doubling down when you have a hand of nine or higher, and you should also consider splitting your cards instead.

Splitting 8s

When splitting 8s in blackjack, you can reduce your net loss while still giving yourself the best chance to beat the dealer. This is a common basic strategy play that many experienced blackjack players recommend to newbies. However, it is important to understand the implications of such a move.


Card-counting is a strategy in blackjack that involves keeping track of the number of cards in a deck and using that information to win games. This technique was first introduced by Edward O. Thorp, a math professor at MIT. He published his book Beat the Dealer in 1962, which is considered to be the bible of card-counting techniques. However, many of the strategies that he developed are no longer effective because of the countermeasures that casinos have implemented. For instance, casinos no longer deal to the last card of the deck.


Blackjack Surrender is a game that you can play online. This variation of the game is different from traditional blackjack in that it involves surrendering a hand if the dealer has a blackjack. To play blackjack surrender, you need to have at least one deck of cards. Regardless of which deck you are using, you will need to keep in mind the soft 17 rule.